11. Adding research methods

You may want to attach a longer description of methods to your Research Page or Pages. The Research Method option allows you to create a page with text and images, and attach it to one or multiple Research Pages.

To create a research method node:

  1. Open the Add page menu and select Research Method
  2. Fill in the title and description fields
  3. Save the node
  4. Then copy the node ID number from the URL

To attach the research method to a research page:

  1. Open a research page to which you want to attach the research method
  2. Click the Edit tab
  3. Scroll down the page until the "Research Method Node ID" field is shown
  4. Paste in the research method node ID number from the URL of the research method node that you just created
  5. Save

Now you will see tabs labeled "View Data" and "Research Method" above the content. By clicking the tabs, you can switch between the data view and research method view.