3. JSON objects and arrays

Let's discuss JSON objects and arrays here before moving on. If you are already familiar with JSON objects and arrays, you can skip this page.

Research pages are configured using JSON objects and arrays. JSON objects are a type of data that can contain information blocks tied in key to value relations. Here is an example of a JSON object:

{ "fruit 1":"Apple", "fruit 2":"Banana", "fruit 3":"Mango"}

Commas separate each piece of information; note that there is no comma following the last item. Having a comma after the last item in a JSON object will be taken as an error and prevent the display of your research page. 

Arrays are lists of pieces of information, wrapped with brackets ([]). Here is an example:

["Apple", "Banana", "Mango"]

Again, there is no comma following the last item in an array. 

You can learn more about JSON objects and arrays here.